Scoreboard for Supply Chain

We have developed a modular, cheap, easy-to-deploy scoreboard system with Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. MS Access can be used as a link to other databases through ODBC easily.

Please download it from here . It is free to use but please give us some credit and if you develop new fancy stuff based on this, please send it to us.

Getting started is fearly easy, just unzip the package to C:\, so the xls and mdb files are in C:\scoreboard, and it should work. It is designed to be simple and modular, so making changes should be straightforward.

Using MS Access as a middleware offers a robust way for combining data from multiple sources, without the pain of investing in more expensive solutions.

Vendor rating for SAP Shipping Schedule

Additionally, we have developed a way to measure supplier performance based on the shipping schedule method of SAP, a measurement processa and an ETL (extract, transform, load) module for loading the data needed into the simple scoreboard system. For more information please contact Juho Nikkola, see Contact Us.