QDC supply chain management consulting and training services

We can help you in the following tasks:

Operations management and demand-supply chain development to give your improvement efforts focus:

  • Consultancy in operations management and logistics.
  • Reducing working capital.
  • Increasing the velocity of your supply chain.
  • Configuring your distribution network.
  • Developing supplier/vendor relationships.

Information systems and architectures to enable your company to deliver more efficiently than before:

  • Specification of information systems in production and logistics management (SCM).
  • Intranet and Extranet-technologies for managing and developing your Supply Chains.
  • Modularity and Configuration management principles.
  • Product Data Management systems selection and deployment.
  • Project management of information systems implementations.

Training to make people more aware of why and how:

  • Training in supply chain management, operations management, production systems and production management.
  • Training in the concepts of Lean Manufacturing and how to apply them.

In addition, we develop software tools for business analysis purposes.

How to reach us:

Phone: +358-(0)46-712 1021
Fax: +358-(0)9-2517 2200