Lean Manufacturing

We regularly hold a two day Lean Thinking course hosted by Helsinki University of Technology Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli.  For information on dates and venues, please refer to the Dipoli course program.

We can also tailor a Lean education program to meet your specific needs.  Some of the topics our customers have been interested in have been:

  • Understanding and learning to spot Value and Waste
  • Value stream mapping and describing and understanding processes
  • The Toyota Way and the history of Lean Thinking
  • Understanding and controlling Variation
  • Lean control principles (Pull, Heijunka, Kan-ban) and Lean applications in high-mix, low volume environments
  • Lean principles and tools: 5S, Standardization, Zero defects, Reducing set-up times, Creating flow, Kaizen
  • Lean problem solving and the A3 project format
  • First steps and creating a roadmap toward Lean
  • How to lead a Lean transformation
  • The Nuuka-Suomi Lean simulation game