ERP requirements management

Are you in the the process of acquiring a new ERP system for your company?
How have you created your business requirements? Are they based on previous experience / vendor materials / internet?

There is a lot of "free" examples available to create a requirements document. However, in our experience, most of these freely available information sources cover functionalities that are common for most of the ERP packages available and thus provide very little differences between systems.

Our proposal is to concentrate the efforts to describing your key processes in the order - delivery cycle, be it sales orders creation, product configuration, production planning and control, or whatever is critical for you successful operations. Using industry standard documentation techniques like UML / Use cases, we can support your selection with  requirements that really let you select a system that best supports your business needs. However, there are no short-cuts here: there is no publicly available description of your key processes, there is a lot of work but it is time and money well spent.